Published Technical Articles

To better serve our customers and provide the most useful technical data, AVX is providing a list of all the technical articles that our engineers and technical managers have written and/or collaborated on, for publications all over the globe. If you have any questions about a particular article or in general, please visit the contact form to send your request directly to us.

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2017 Published Articles
Publication DateMedia OutletArticle TitleLink
8/16/17Electronic ProductsHigh-Reliability Ceramic Capacitors Tackle Harsh-Environment, Life-Critical Applications
Publication Link
6/29/17Connector SupplierFive Things to Know About Automotive Connector Technology
Publication Link
6/13/17Connector SupplierIDC Connectors for Transportation Applications
Publication Link
6/10/17Power Systems DesignPower Film Capacitors Prove Effective in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology
Publication Link
6/02/17ECN MagazineBrainstorm: Switching From Traditional To Alternative Energy Sources
Publication Link
5/02/17Connector SupplierA Perfect Marriage: The Future of IDC and Press-Fit Contacts in Automotive
Publication Link
4/7/2017ECN MagazineBrainstorm: The Role Of Supercapacitors In Future Energy Systems
Publication Link
3/17/2017Power Systems DesignOptimizing IoT Device Performance
Publication Link
3/10/2017Connector SupplierCurrent Trends in Automotive Interconnects
Publication Link
3/1/2017IEEE Power MagazineTantalum Capacitor Technology: Options for High-Temperature and Harsh-Environment ApplicationsPublication Link
1/27/2017Sensors OnlineSingle Contacts Provide Reliable Interconnections For IoT ApplicationsPublication Link
2016 Published Articles
Publication DateMedia OutletArticle TitleLink
12/21/2016Industrial Equipment News (IEN)Commercial Components vs. Medical Components: Why Design Controls are Necessary, & How to Make Compliance Less of a Headache (On Page#: 33 & 34)
Publication Link
10/10/2016Industrial Equipment News (IEN)High-Reliability Part Tech Improves Less Critical Applications: How technology is enabling advanced new passive components.
Publication Link
10/04/2016Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierRuggedized Compression-Style Battery Connectors Have Evolved to Prevent Vertical-Mating Damage in High Cycle-Life Medical and Industrial Applications

Publication Link
9/26/2016Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierConnectors Contribute to PCB Size Reductions Required to Realize Sleek, Subtle Smart Home ElectronicsPublication Link
9/13/2016EBNMLCCs: Not Your Grandfather's CapacitorsPublication Link
9/7/2016Connector + Cable Assembly Supplier"Naked" IDCs as Workaround Solutions in Extreme EnvironmentsPublication Link
6/20/2016Embedded Computing DesignThe Evolution of High-Frequency Precision Microwave Components to ADAS and Active Safety ApplicationsPublication Link
5/30/2016Battery PowerEnhancing Smartphone Battery Performance During GSM Pulses Through The Use of a Parallel SupercapacitorPublication Link
5/6/2016John Day's Automotive ElectronicsESD-Safe™ MLCCs and Multilayer Varistors: A Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison for Designing Modern Vehicle ElectronicsPublication Link
5/1/2016Appliance DesignNaked Connectors Provide Critical Design Solutions for Smart, Smaller AppliancesPublication Link
4/4/2016Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierDeveloping Custom Connectors for the Automotive MarketPublication Link
3/23/2016Connector + Cable SupplierHow to Work with Custom Connector SuppliersPublication Link
3/1/2016ECNDesigning for Oil RigsPublication Link
1/29/2016Circuits AssemblyNew Embedded TechnologyPublication Link
2015 Published Articles
Publication DateMedia OutletArticle TitleLink
10/06/2015Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierPress-Fit Connectors in Harsh Automotive Applications

Publication Link
9/29/2015Planet AnalogParasitics and Capacitor Selection, Part VIII: Voltage Coefficient for Class II Ceramic CapacitorsPublication Link
9/1/2015ECNSmart Systems Require Smart ConnectivityPublication Link
9/1/2015Medical Design TechnologyA Capacity for Miniaturizing Medical ElectronicsPublication Link
7/5/2015EDNProduct How-to: High Voltage Stacked SMPS Capacitors for Power Conversion Applications in Emerging MarketsPublication Link
7/3/2015Power Systems DesignChoosing the Right Capacitors for High-Power & High-Rel AppsPublication Link
7/2/2015AssemblyInsulation Displacement Connectors Are a Reliable Alternative to CrimpingPublication Link
6/23/2015Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 6: Novel Components for Suppressing EMIPublication Link
6/22/2015Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 5: EMI Suppression for Harsh EnvironmentsPublication Link
6/15/2015PowerPulse.netThe Importance of Passive Components in Today's Power Applications: Renewable Energy and Smart Grid TechnologyPublication Link
5/15/2015ECNIDC and Poke-Home Connectors Overcome Challenges in Harsh ApplicationsPublication Link
5/1/2015Microwave Product DigestBME Capacitors now Approved for Space Level ApplicationsPublication Link
4/29/2015Power Systems DesignServing High Power & High Reliability ApplicationsPublication Link
4/7/2015Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 4: Box Level EMI SuppressionPublication Link
4/1/2015ECNHermetically Sealed SMD Tantalum Capacitors for Harsh Environment ApplicationsPublication Link
3/5/2015Planet AnalogParasitics and Capacitor Selection, Part 7: Ripple Ratings and Self-HeatingPublication Link
2/1/2015ECNHigh Current, Low ESR, Pulse Super Capacitors for Electric Power RequirementsPublication Link
1/15/2015Electronic Product Design & TestConnector Solutions for Solid-State Lighting DesignPublication Link
1/1/2015Circuits AssemblyCost/Benefit Tradeoffs of Capacitor Part Size vs. Manufacturing EfficiencyPublication Link
2014 Published Articles
Publication DateMedia OutletArticle TitleLink
12/31/2014Printed Circuit Design & FabCost/Benefit Tradeoffs of Capacitor Part Size vs. Manufacturing Efficiency
Publication Link
12/31/2014Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 3: Considerations for Automotive ApplicationsPublication Link
12/30/2014Power Systems Design5V DC/DC Output Capacitor BenchmarkPublication Link
12/14/2014LED JournalAn Evolutionary Overview of SSL ConnectorsPublication Link
12/1/2014ELE TimesConnector Solutions for SSL Design: Considerations, Challenges, and the Development of Innovative COTS Connectors for a Rapidly Evolving IndustryPublication Link
11/27/2014Planet AnalogParasitics and Capacitor Selection, Part 6: CapacitancePublication Link
11/1/2014Electronic ProductsStacked Ceramic Capacitors for High Performance Power Conversion in Harsh, High Temperature ApplicationsPublication Link
10/28/2014Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 2: Don't Be the VictimPublication Link
10/1/2014ECNTantalum Technology Surmounts Temperature Limitations to Suit High Temperature, Harsh Environment Oil and Gas EquipmentPublication Link
9/5/2014ECNNew Materials Technology Delivers High Reliability Capacitors for Aerospace ApplicationsPublication Link
9/3/2014Planet AnalogEMI Noise, Part 1: Don't Be the ProblemPublication Link
8/26/2014Planet AnalogInnovative Single Contact Solutions in Renewable Energy & Smart GridPublication Link
8/19/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 5: QPublication Link
8/12/2014LED JournalCard Edge Connectors for SSL ApplicationsPublication Link
8/5/2014Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierHow to Specify Medical ConnectorsPublication Link
7/14/2014Connector + Cable Assembly SupplierFive Things to Know About "Naked" ConnectorsPublication Link
7/8/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 4A: Dissipation FactorPublication Link
7/8/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 4B: Dissipation FactorPublication Link
6/16/2014Planet AnalogParasitics and Capacitor Selection: A 10-Part Series, Part III: Dielectric Absorption (DA)Publication Link
6/3/2014LED JournalInsulation Displacement Connectors: An Underutilized Solution for SSL ApplicationsPublication Link
3/31/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 2A: Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)Publication Link
3/31/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 2B: Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)Publication Link
3/31/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 2C: Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)Publication Link
3/31/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 2D: Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)Publication Link
3/10/2014Aerospace Manufacturing and DesignBME Capacitor TechnologyPublication Link
2/24/2014Planet AnalogParasitics & Capacitor Selection, Part 1A: LeakagePublication Link
2/11/2014LED JournalUnique New Wire-to-Board Solutions for SSL ApplicationsPublication Link
2013 Published Articles
Publication DateMedia OutletArticle TitleLink
12/23/2013ECNMultilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Varistors Provide UAV Power Systems with Performance & Design Advantages
Publication Link
12/17/2013Wireless Design & DevelopmentMultilayer Varistors Will Keep EvolvingPublication Link
12/3/2013ECNAdvancements in Base Metal Electrode Capacitor Materials & Processing Technologies Extend Performance Benefits to Space CircuitsPublication Link
11/25/2013LED JournalInnovative Connector Solutions Satisfy SSL Designers' Application-Specific Features "Wish List"Publication Link
10/10/2013Power Systems DesignConsidering COTS Connector Solutions for Solid-State Lighting DesignPublication Link
9/9/2013ECNAdvanced Decoupling Capacitors for Aerospace ApplicationsPublication Link
7/8/2013Power Systems DesignFilter Capacitor ConsiderationsPublication Link
7/1/2013ECNMultilayer Organic (MLO) Technology for RF/Wireless Components in Multiband ApplicationsPublication Link
6/1/2013Power Systems Design EuropeFilter Capacitor ConsiderationsPublication Link
5/16/2013Wireless Design & DevelopmentUltra-Broadband Passives Enable Broadband CommunicationsPublication Link
5/1/2013Defense Tech BriefsImproving Signal to Noise Ratios in Defense ElectronicsPublication Link