EMI Filtering for High-Reliability Applications

EMI Filtering for High-Reliability Applications
Written By: Amanda Ison

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), or electrical noise, is generated by everything from cellphones to solar flares and can make accurate signal transmission as difficult as trying to have a clear conversation in a noisy room. To improve signal clarity in electronic circuits, device designers turn to EMI suppression filters.

Effective EMI filtering is necessary for almost every modern electronic device, including devices that generate their own EMI, as well as devices that are sensitive to EMI within their environment, and is especially important in high-reliability applications that utilize lower-power signals and have strict signal fidelity demands. High-reliability EMI filters are designed to consistently meet or exceed performance requirements and are vitally important to any industry with a high cost of failure. For example, many medical, military, and defense applications depend on high-reliability filters for the accurate transmission and reception of signals required to ensure patient and soldier safety or achieve mission success. High-reliability filters also play a crucial role in a number of commercial applications, such as instrumentation, where sensitivity to low-power signals in a noisy environment is a requirement.