NTC Accurate Leaded and Leadless

NTC Accurate Leaded & Leadless Thermistors
Features & Benefits
  • Resistance tolerance from ±1%
  • Multiple temperature stability options
  • Customized solutions
Typical Applications
  • Temperature measurement in automotive
  • Temperature measurement in industrial
  • Temperature measurement in custom high reliability applications

Thanks to high precision resistance AVX accurate leaded and leadless thermistors are ideal for temperature measurement in wide range of professional, industrial, automotive (AEC-Q200) and custom high reliability applications. Available in leaded or leadless form with resistance values from 2kΩ to 100kΩ and tolerance from +/-1%.

AVX accurate leaded and leadless thermistors small size and rapid response time makes these components ideal to meet the most accurate requirements. Availabilty in multiple temperature stability options, various coating and leads configuration as well as optional customization based on customer requirements makes these high quality devices ideal for wide range of applications. Operating temperature range is -55C to +150C. Leaded parts are available with various wire configuration, leadless parts are available in chip configuration with metallized surface for wire bonding and hybrid assembly.

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Part Number Information

NTC Accurate Leaded and Leadless Thermistors
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