TRAFIM Products

Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance Range: 88uF – 1,620uF
  • Voltage range: 1,200VDC to 3,900VDC
  • Standard case sizes of 70x85x50, 102x117x50, 134x149x100 and 166x181x100
  • Low thermal resistance Higher Rms current capability
  • Low serial resistance and high thermal exchange
  • Low stray inductance
Typical Applications

    DC voltage filtering for:

  • DC link
  • Speed converter (drives and traction)
  • Resonant filtering
  • Active correction (FACTS)
  • Windmills
  • Substation

The TRAFIM series is specifically designed for DC filtering applications such as DC link or resonant filters for voltages up to 6000V.

Large case sizes up to 46 liters and high specific energy up to 390J/l together with safe and reliable Controlled Self Healing Technology make this series particularly suitable for power converters in traction, drives, renewable energy and power transmission areas.

The Controlled Self Healing Technology is based on a high temperature grade metallized film impregnated with vegetable oil allowing operating temperature up to 95°C. Standard designs proposed in the product datasheet cover a wide range of voltage and capacitance values. In case of specific requirements about shape and performances, feel free to contact your local AVX representative.

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