Ethernet was commercially introduced in the early 1980’s and was soon after standardized in 1983 according to the IEEE 802.3 specification. In today’s environment, where ethernet has far surpassed its original intention of just connecting computer to computer systems, we (AVX) have seen the Industrial IoT and Automotive Ethernet market require faster data transmission, while still providing a ruggedized connection system. In order to provide customers with the best solution, we are at the forefront of the development of single pair Ethernet connectors.

AVX Interconnect

AVX Interconnect provides a variety of connectors for the Industrial, Consumer, Medical, Energy, Transportation, Telecommunication and Automotive markets. AVX continues to not only lead in quality and reliability, but further provides unique connectors that solves a problem in any application. For years these connectors are based on industry proven contact technology to provide robust and performance driven solutions.

About Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE)

As the Industrial Ethernet market continues to grow, the market continues to look for smaller and faster connectors to fit their needs. In turn, this has driven single pair Ethernet to the forefront of discussion. Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) describes the transmission of Ethernet over only one pair of twisted copper wires. In addition to data transmission via Ethernet, SPE also enables a simultaneous power supply of terminal devices via PoDL – Power over Data Line. Previously, this required two pairs for Fast Ethernet (100MB) and four pairs for Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to space and weight savings with less wire, SPE transmits 1 GBit/s only up to a distance of 40 meters. AVX is a part of the SPE Industrial Partner Network and will offer SPE products to meet the customer and market needs while meeting the standards according to IEC 63171-6 and IEEE 802.3 etc.

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Open Alliance

AVX is an adopting member of the OPEN Alliance to collaborate with other technology providers and the customers to further develop and standardize Ethernet-based networks in Automotive applications. Ethernet based networks are key in the innovation of autonomous driving and are essential in allowing for cost reductions while continuing to offer effective communication with reduced complexity.

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Saves Space & Weight
Reliable IDC Connection
Simple Assembly Process
Temperature Rating Up to 125°C
SMT or Press-Fit Options
Compatible with IEC 63171-6