Y5V Dielectric


Features & Benefits
  • Voltage Range: 6V to 50V
  • Capacitance Range: 1000pF to 22µF
  • Case Sizes: 0201 to 1210
Typical Applications
  • Decoupling applications within limited temperature range

Y5V formulations are for general-purpose use in a limited temperature range. They have a wide temperature characteristic of +22% –82% capacitance change over the operating temperature range of –30°C to +85°C. These characteristics make Y5V ideal for decoupling applications within limited temperature range.

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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

Y5V Dielectric
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Design Tools

Design Tools
SpiMLCC Simulation Software
SpiMLCC (formerly known as SpiCAP) is a web-version online simulation software that defines the frequency response and voltage coefficient for AVX ceramic chip capacitors.

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