High Temp Automotive MLCC

High Temp Automotive MLCC
Features & Benefits
  • Voltage: 25V to 100V
  • Case Size: 0603 to 1206
  • Capacitance Range: 330pF to 2.2uF
  • Dielectric: X8R or X8L
Typical Applications
  • Under hood automotive electronics – engine sensors and electronics

Multilayer ceramic capacitors designed to be used in temperature range demanding applications – with working temperature range from -55°C up to +150°C. These capacitors are manufactured with an X8R and an X8L dielectric material. They provide a highly reliable capacitor with low loss and stable capacitance over temperature. All capacitor are qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200 standard.
Typical application of High Temp capacitors would be under hood automotive electronics – engine sensors and electronics. But these capacitors are ideal for all other high temperature and reliability market sectors as well. Detailed qualification data package is available on customer’s request.

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Part Number Information

High Temp Automotive MLCC
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