W2F/W3F Series

Feedthru Filters

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage Range: 50, 100V
  • Sizes: 0805, 1206 (NP0/C0G, X7R dielectrics)
  • Automotive Qualified (AEC-Q200): W2F and W3F
  • Typical Applications
    • EMI suppression
    • Broadband I/O filtering
    • Vcc power line conditioning

Available in both a standard 0805 and 1206 size, AVX’s line of feedthru capacitors are ideal choices for EMI suppression, broadband I/O filtering, or Vcc power line conditioning. The unique construction of a feedthru capacitor provides low parallel inductance and offers excellent decoupling capability for all high di/dt environments and provides significant noise reduction in digital circuits to <5 GHz. A large range of capacitor values are available in either NP0 or X7R ceramic dielectrics. AVX FeedThru filters are AEC Q200 qualified. High reliability screening options are available for spacecraft designs.

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Part Number Information

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