DC Discoidal Capacitors

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage-Temperature Limits: COG/NP0, BX/BR/X7R
  • Voltage Range: 50VDC to 1000VDC
  • Termination: AG, Ni/Sn, or Au
  • AVX’s DC Series 50V, 100V, 200V, C0G and X7R parts are capable of meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-31033
Typical Applications
  • Implantable medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • EMI filters assembly
  • EMI filter arrays

A discoidal MLC capacitor has very low impedance associated with its ground path since the signal is presented with a multi-directional path. These electrode paths, which can be as many as 100, allow for low ESR and ESL which are the major elements in impedance at high frequencies. The assembled discoidal element or feed-thru allows signal to be fed in through a chassis or bulkhead, conditioned as it passes through the discoidal, and isolated by the chassis and discoidal from the original signal. An example of this application would be in an AFT circuit where the AC noise signal would be required to be stripped from the DC control signal. Other applications include single line EMI/RFI suppression, L-C filter construction, and coaxial shield bypass filtering. The shape of the discoidal lends itself to filter construction. The short length allows compact construction where L-C construction is desired. The size freedom associated with this element allows almost any inside/outside diameter combination. By allowing the inside diameter to equal the center insulator diameter of a coaxial signal line and special termination techniques, this device will allow bypass filtering of a floating shield to ground.

* Discoidal capacitors are available in two (2) temperature coefficients (C0G, X7R) and a variety of shapes and sizes.
* Custom designed capacitor arrays are available in an unlimited number of configuration with a wide range of rating voltages (50–2000) and temperature coefficients (NPO, BX, BR, X7R).

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DC Discoidal Capacitors
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