Production Manager

Location: Timisoara
Job Description:
As a production manager, you'll make sure goods and services are produced safely, cost-effectively and on time and that they meet the required quality standards.
Reports To:
Operation Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the overall results of the production department according to the defined KPIs;
  • Plans and allocates the human, material and technical resources needed in order to secure the customer and the planning demands;
  • In charge with the adherence to the planned schedules and compliance of the employees to the working schedule;
  • Supervise, monitors and analyzes the performance of the staff and takes corrective actions, with a clear overview of the cross training needed in order to increase the flexibility of the staff;
  • Prepares and monitors production reports, production budget, analyzes deviations, traces the costs and implements corrective actions in case of deviations;
  • Implements cost control programs and ensures that the production process is cost effective, Implements and supervises quality control programs;
  • Escalates immediately all deviations from processes and the eventual work incidents, accidents and near misses towards the Health and Safety responsible and General Manager;
  • Prepares standard working procedures for the operations activities;
  • Responsible for the adherence to the quality and quantity of the activities;
  • Responsible for the training, development and performance review program of the employees he's in charge of and also responsible together with the HR department in the recruiting process of the new employees;
  • Responsible for the adherence of the coordinated personnel in his area of responsibility to the work instructions specific for all processes, for the health, safety and environmental guidelines valid for the company and for the internal regulations compliance;
  • Ensure that the production will be cost effective by estimating costs and negotiating and agreeing budgets with both clients and managers;
  • Monitor the production processes and adjust schedules as needed;
  • Monitor productivity rates and product standards and implement quality control program;
  • Ensure customer orders are completed on time and to budget and that quality standards and targets are met;
  • Analyze budgets and continuously control production costs and identify/rectify waste measures;
Job Requirements:
  • University degree;
  • Knowledge and experience in production and manufacturing processes and techniques;
  • Has an in depth knowledge of the quality and product requirements;
  • Solid knowledge of quality systems and standards;
  • Proven knowledge of continuous process improvement tools;
  • Solid computer skills and usage of statistical instruments;
  • Good command of the English language, German is an advantage;
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills; strong skills in planning and organizing the activities;
  • Good time management;
  • Strong problem-solving skills, analytic ability and be very detail-oriented;
  • High stress tolerance and strong communication and delegation skills;
  • Quick decision maker, patient and self-confident.
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