Production Planner

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
The overall responsibility of this position is to analyze customer demand and create work orders on a daily basis according to the facility capacity while maintaining on time delivery and balancing the line to meet customer due dates. Coordinating and organizing production plans in an efficient manner to reduce inventory in process and downtime on the shop floor.
Reports To:
Global Planning Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Release Job Orders and Provide Closeout Analysis
  • Scheduling – check for capacity issues and provide feedback to planning manager / supervisors
  • Work with operations on obtaining materials for production and working through delays
  • Set and maintain min/max levels of inventory for production
  • Reschedule daily for priorities and expedites to meet customer needs
  • Help forecast and make recommendations to meet customer requirements
  • Work with various departments to ensure on time delivery: Production, Engineering, Maintenance, QC, Materials.
  • Monitor inventory accuracy and implement changes where deficiencies exist
Job Requirements:
  • 3+ years in a previous manufacturing planning or scheduling position
  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred (Supply Chain Management, Business Management, or Similar)
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