Corporate Integrations Program Manager

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
The Integration PM leverages technology, business acumen and project management to improve the odds of the company’s acquisition success. Supports Corporate Development, business development groups, Integration Executives and cross-functional integration teams. Additionally, administer M&A tools to ensure effective, consistent, repeatable, and auditable processes. The candidate serves as the key liaison between the business and any technical resources in order to identify and coordinate the implementation of tool’s configuration enhancements to meet the changing business needs. This is a fulltime resource dedicated to the M&A transaction, and the position’s performance is fundamental for the project’s success.
Reports To:
VP, Corporate Development
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Support the acquisition leaders, including business line executives, integration executives, project managers, and integration consultants in leveraging M&A tools to effectively execute acquisition business plans .
  • Ensures M&A Playbooks are enforced by enabling them through M&A tools and processes.
  • Management of M&A content, knowledge, process and templates.
  • Provides hands-on M&A tools and process training to acquisition teams as required
  • Administers M&A tools:
    • User manager (on-boarding and off-boarding)
    • Tools training and support
    • Primary contact with tool vendors, coordinates any technical tool enhancements, provides report writing capabilities if desired.
  • Work with acquisition leadership to access and tailor the tools as appropriate for each acquisition.
  • Supports Integration process with core Program Management responsibilities.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or related field is required. At least 3-5 years’ experience in mergers & acquisitions is preferred.
  • People person. Ability to work with all types of people from Sales to Engineering to Accounting.
  • Outstanding communication, collaboration, and consultative skills. Comfortably present and communicate with all levels (from senior level executives to functional team members)
  • Experience in developing and providing application’s training
  • Experience in Project management, and financial reporting experience (preferred)
  • Knowledge of the Merger and Acquisition lifecycle, and experience in M&A processes and terminology
  • An interest in knowledge management systems, and businesses processes and tools
  • Proven track record of exceptional attention to detail and respect for accurate reporting
  • Willingness to execute/support the tactical aspects of tools in addition to leading more strategic aspects
  • Advanced Excel and PowerPoint skills
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