Corporate AssurX Document Control Specialist

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
This position will provide administrative and technical support to the Corporate Quality group, particularly in the implementation, tracking, and reporting for AssurX software modules.
Reports To:
Corporate Quality Systems Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • AssurX Program Administration:
    • Manage the Document Change Request (DCR) process in AssurX for creating, approving, updating, and distributing corporate policies, procedures, and forms. Create reports as directed and monitor the status of all open DCRs until completed.
    • Ensure that all documents are created utilizing the corporate document templates in order to provide a consistent, professional appearance for all documents. Convert older documents to the approved corporate document templates as needed.
    • Conduct and document 8D audits according to a defined sampling plan.
    • Document and communicate feedback to items on noncompliance to the 8D procedure.
    • Provide 8D template guidance (in applicable format) to users and report issues or requested changes to management, conduct document updates where requested.
    • Monitor 8D metric trends and alert management to potential concerns to be addressed.
    • At the direction of the Global Specification Manager, initiate reviews of customer drawings, prints, contracts, or other agreements that define customer requirements within AssurX. To perform this function, the position must have a comprehensive understanding of the AVX product catalog and where the products are manufactured.
    • Perform basic Print Review activities within AssurX, such as a simple cross-reference between a customer drawing and an AVX catalog part number.
    • Create reports as directed and monitor the status of all open Print Review items until completed.
  • Corporate Quality AVXnet/Intranet Administration:
    • Maintain the Corporate Quality pages on the AVXnet/Intranet.
    • Post news articles, presentations, training schedules, and other associated content to the Corporate Quality AVXnet/Intranet pages, and maintain the latest versions of all Corporate Quality policies, procedures, forms, and library items.
    • Review content on the Quality owned pages to ensure it meets the AVXnet/Intranet Content Management and Retention Guidelines.
    • Submit requests for approvals as needed, such as company-wide news articles.
    • Manage AVXnet/Intranet incoming messages including providing a response or delegating as applicable.
  • Specification Engineering duties, as needed:
    • Create, maintain, and fully understand the Specification Engineering master product specs and customer drawing review systems.
    • Assist the Specification Engineering Specialist by developing a complete understanding of the product lines assigned to them.
    • Develop a working relationship with customer service, planning, and quality to resolve issues between the customer requirements and AVX abilities to meet those requirements.
    • Assist in the clerical inputting of information into the various systems.
Job Requirements:
  • Education
    • Associate of Science (A.S.) or other relevant 2-year degree at minimum, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience
    • Must be able to learn all AssurX activities related to the Document Management, Print Review, and 8D platforms. Training will be provided either internally or externally.
    • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is also required.
    • Must be able to create graphical or pictorial images and presentations.
    • Must be capable of working under pressure and managing several tasks at a time depending on the priorities set by the manager.
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