Development Engineer II

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
Engineer who will manage the selection, development and analysis of materials for a variety of electronic components as well as the electric performance of finished products developed with these materials. The engineer will also be responsible to manage one or more pilot operations in the development line.
Reports To:
Engineering Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Evaluate new materials and new process parameters for the development of novel and improved ceramic capacitors used in automotive applications using basic engineering principles and methods.
  • Develop a range of materials and processing techniques for these products working independently and in group settings.
  • Establishes and conducts tests, analyzes and interprets results, and prepares reports summarizing methods employed and results obtained in the solution of the assigned project.
  • Ensures proper manufacturing procedures are followed, adhering to all safety policies and procedures and quality regulations and standards.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Chemical, Ceramics, or Materials preferred). MS preferred.
  • Depending on degree held, 1-5 years in a relevant engineering position, preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • Knowledge in electro-ceramics and processing
  • Advanced characterization techniques for materials (XRD, SEM, ICP, Particle size analysis, optical microscopy)
  • Fundamentals of device electrical measurements
  • Project and team management, continuous improvement and creative problem solving
  • Communication and documentation skills are vital. Use of Smartsheet for project management is needed.
  • Statistical software package skills (Minitab, JMP) are highly desired.
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