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AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components, has produced transient voltage suppressor (TVS) devices based upon a multilayer varistor (MLV) concept and zinc oxide material systems. Designated the MG and V2F series, the new Rad Hard TVS devices have significantly expanded designer application choices. MLVs are available in case sizes as small as 0402 to as large as 2220.

The MLVs offer significant advantages to design engineers in military applications and in harsh environments. Among those advantages are high in rush capability, repetitive strike capability, fast turn on time and small size. AVX MLVs are reliable and offer accuracy and repeatability in harsh environments such as aircraft, spacecraft sensors and oil exploration equipment. in part because they are radiation resistant.

Under neutron fluence and gamma total dose environments, AVX MLVs have been characterized as radiation resistant. Test results show that multiple element array configurations (MultiGuard) and TransFeed LCT MLV configuration withstand neutron fluence fields of up to 5 x 10^12 N/CM^2 with virtually no change in breakdown voltage. Breakdown voltage is the value of DC voltage that drives the MLV into a 1ma current conduction state. Multiguards and TransFeed also have little breakdown voltage variation when exposed to 10k rads of gamma radiation.

This data is generated for the most size efficient MLV packages AVX offers MLV arrays and MLV feedthru filters. These configurations can save designers up to 90% of the board area that discrete solutions would require and offer a 50% weight reduction.

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