Dual Output – KT2016M

Features & Benefits
  • Miniature SMD type (2.0×1.6×0.8mm)
  • AFC function available
  • Freq. temp. characteristics.
    ±0.5×10−6/ −30 to +85°C (for GPS)
  • 1.68 to 3.45V available
  • Reflow compatible
  • Dual Output
    – Output 1: Clipped Sine
    (ENABLE/DISABLE function available)
    – Output 2: Clipped Sine
    (ENABLE/DISABLE or AFC function available)
  • Combination possibility with Normal & Divide Frequency
Typical Applications
  • GPRS
  • GSM
  • W-LAN
  • WiMax
  • GPS

The Dual Output – KT2016M Series is a miniature SMD type (2.0×1.6×0.8mm) with AFC function and 1.68 to 3.45V available. The Dual Output – KT2016M Series is reflow compatible and has a dual output. Typical applications for the Dual Output – KT2016M Series include 3G (CDMA, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA), GPRS, GSM, W-LAN, WiMax, and GPS.

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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

Dual Output - KT2016M
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