Features & Benefits
  • Crystal unit for automotive electronics
  • Improved solderability
  • Improved mounting stability with 4 terminals
  • Improved anti-noise performance with GND terminal
  • Using ceramic package resulting in high reliability
  • Small and low profile
  • Improved rust prevention performance
  • Reflow compatible
  • Highly reliable solder junction (3000 heat cycles -40 to +125°C)
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
Typical Applications
  • ECU
  • TPMS
  • High-speed automotive network

The CX3225SA Series is a crystal unit for automotive electronics with improved solderability, improved mounting stability with four terminals, improved anti-noise performance with GND terminal, and improved rust prevention performance. The CX3225SA Series uses ceramic packaging which results in high reliability, has a small and low profile, and is AEC-Q200 qualified. The CX3225SA Series has a highly reliable solder junction (3000 heat cycles -40 to +125°C), and is typically used in ECU, TPMS, and high-speed automotive networks.

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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

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