KC7050A-C1 / KC7050A-C2 / KC7050A-C3

Features & Benefits
  • Miniature ceramic package
  • Highly reliable with seam welding
  • CMOS output
  • Supply voltage: Vcc=1.8V (KC7050A-C1), Vcc=2.5V (KC7050A-C2), and Vcc=3.3V (KC7050A-C3)
  • Lower voltage available for KC7050A-C1 and KC7050A-C2
  • ±25×10−6, ±20×10−6 available

The KC7050A-C1 / KC7050A-C2 / KC7050A-C3 Series come in a miniature ceramic package, are highly reliable with seam welding, and are all CMOS outputs. The KC705A-C1 Series has a supply voltage of 1.8V, and the KC7050A-C2 Series has a supply voltage of 2.5V, while the KC7050A-C3 Series has a supply voltage of 3.3V. Lower voltage is available for the KC7050A-C1 and KC7050A-C2 Series. ±25×10−6, ±20×10−6 is available.

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