TPM Multianode

Features & Benefits
  • Multi-anode construction
  • Super low ESR
  • CV range: 10-2200μF / 2.5-50V
  • 5 case sizes available
  • “Mirror” multi-anode constructionused with D, Y case capacitors reduces ESL to half
Typical Applications
  • High power DC/DC general applications

The AVX TPM Series Multi-anode Ultra Low ESR Capacitors are available in case codes D, E, V, and Y and offer a CV range from 10-2200µF / 2.5-50V. The tantalum capacitors feature a “mirror” multi-anode construction used with the D case capacitors to reduce ESL to half. The AVX TPM series multi-anode ultra low ESR capacitors are PB-free and RoHS compliant.