Implantable Life Support – HRC6000 TAZ Series

Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 10µF to 330µF
  • Voltage range from 10V to 15V
  • Recommended for next generation medical implantable life support designs
Typical Applications
  • Wide Range of Medical Implantable Applications

The TAZ HRC6000 Medical Grade series is the next generation of our internally qualified medical grade tantalum capacitors. These components are screened using our newly designed Q-Process to effectively remove components that may experience parametric shifts through customer processing or display instability through life testing. Due to the deficiencies of Weibull grading and its tendency to Burn-In potentially unstable units, this Q-Process utilizes an optimized burn in at 125°C and a Product Level Designation system based on a simulated production routine performed on a sample from the population. Once that is completed a calculation is done based on the performance of the sample which can take into account the application conditions of the end customer. This system also allows for derating recommendations to be relaxed as illustrated in the datasheet. These components are manufactured and tested in the AVX Biddeford Maine factory which is ISO 13485 certified.

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