TRM Professional Multianode Series

TRM Series

Features & Benefits
  • Improved reliability – 0.5%/1khrs (twice better than standard)
  • DCL reduced by 25% to 0.0075 CV
  • Robust against higher thermo-mechanical stresses during assembly process
  • Multi-anode construction
  • Super low ESR
  • CV range 4.7-1500μF / 2.5-50V
  • “Mirror” construction used with D case capacitors reduces ESL to half
  • Automotive, Industrial and other Higher End Applications
Typical Applications
  • Automotive, Avionics and Industrial high power DC/DC converters

TRM series capacitors are designed for high-end commercial applications with long operating life expectancies. The low ESR value of these capacitors is achieved through their multi-anode construction, which provides larger surge current capability within the same case size. Temperature cycling, double burn-in time (aging), and exception limit controls in place ensures superior quality and enhanced reliability levels within the commercial product portfolio.