RF Thin-Film Capacitors – Ultra-Miniature 01005 Size Accu-P®

Accu-P® Series

Features & Benefits
  • Ultra Miniature standard 01005 chip size
  • Ultra tight capacitance tolerances (±0.01pF)
  • Low ESR and high Q at VHF, UHF and microwave frequencies
  • TC ±30, ±60ppm/°C
  • Nickel/Solder – coated terminations provide excellent solderability and leach resistance
  • High insulation resistance: IR ≥ 1010 Ohm
  • Orientation provides high SRF uniformity
  • Repeatable CEFF, ESR and Q vs. Frequency parameters, both lot to lot and within lots, for increased production yields
Typical Applications
  • RF Modules
  • Mobile communications
  • Satellite TV
  • Global positioning systems
  • Filters
  • VCO’s
  • Matching networks

The use of silicon oxide, a very low – loss dielectric material, in conjunction with highly conductive electrode metals, results in low ESR and high Q. These high – frequency characteristics change at a slower rate with increasing frequency than for ceramic microwave capacitors.

ACCU-P® meets the fast – growing demand for low – loss (high – Q) capacitors for use in surface mount technology, especially for the wireless communications market at frequencies up to and above 5.8GHz.

ACCU-P® is currently unique in its ability to offer very low capacitance values (0.05 pF) and ultra tight capacitance tolerances (±0.01 pF).

Part Number Information

Part Number Information

Ultra-Miniature 01005 Size Accu-P®
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