Features & Benefits
  • Medical Grade Discoidal diameters range from 050 – 080 mils
  • Capacitance values up to 33 nf depending on size and voltage rating
  • Thick film and sputtered terminations available
Typical Applications
  • Medical – heart pacers, neurostim

Discoidals capacitors are the heart of EMI filters. An assembled discoidal element or feed-thru allows signal to be fed in through a chassis or bulkhead, conditioned as it passes through the discoidal, and isolated by the chassis and discoidal from the original signal

  • Discoidal MLC capacitors have very low impedance associated with the ground path since the signal is presented with a multi-directional path
  • Electrode paths, which can be as many as 100, allow for low ESR and ESL which are the major elements in impedance at high frequencies
  • Discoidal capacitors are available in two (2) temperature coefficients (C0G, X7R) and a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Shape of the discoidal lends itself to filter construction
    • Short length allows compact construction where L-C is desired
    • Freedom of size allows almost any inside/outside diameter combination
    • By allowing the inside diameter to equal the center insulator diameter of a coaxial signal line and special termination techniques, this device will allow bypass filtering of a floating shield to ground
Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information

Part Number Information
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