Cylindrical – Fully Hermetic

Features & Benefits
  • Meets or exceeds applicable portions of Mil-PRF-28861
  • Circuits available C, L, T, and π depending on size
  • Current ratings up to 65 amps
Typical Applications
  • Power line applications
  • Anywhere lower frequency filtering w/ or w/o higher voltage capability is needed
  • Aircraft lightening protection
  • Radar

This style offers effective filtering from 30 kHz to 10GHz and is available in .310-.410 diameter dimensions. For current ratings under 10 amps, toroidal wound inductor elements offer increased filter performance and protection against circuit transients. The series is impervious to high moisture, solvents, or other severe environmental conditions commonly encountered in high reliability applications.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information

Part Number Information
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