Custom Filter Plates & Assemblies

Custom Filter Plates & Assemblies
Features & Benefits
  • Multi-component sizes available
  • Designs may incorporate QPL or QPL equivalents or a specified reliability level
  • May be manufactured to provide a hermetic barrier
Typical Applications
  • Military – flight panels, defense device or apparatus

Some bracket assemblies are more cost effective and volumetrically efficient as non-hermetic assemblies where application allows. Most filter plates can be manufactured to provide a hermetic barrier on one side of the assembly. True hermetic plates on both sides are available but only in a capacitive circuit. Wiring harnesses or flex cables can be attached and completely tested prior to delivery. Individual terminals may be gold plated or solder coated. Filters plates can be tested to similar requirements as the individual filters. Applications Engineers can help you design and analyze the best option to meet your specific requirements.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information

Part Number Information
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