Hybrid 3dB – 2.1 – 2.7 GHz 30 Watt

Features & Benefits
  • Excellent Isolation
  • Expansion Matched to PCB
  • 30 Watt Max. Power
Typical Applications
  • Mobile communications
  • GPS
  • Vehicle location systems
  • Wireless LANs

The PC2025A2700AT00 is a RoHS compliant low profile wideband 3dB hybrid coupler which can support mobile applications, including PCS and DCS applications. The power coupler series of components is based on AVX’s patented MLO™ technology which incorporates lumped elements and micro vias. The resultant designs and finished structures allow for the integration of high Q passives in a low cost high density interconnect component.

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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

2.1 - 2.7 GHz 30 Watt Hybrid Coupler
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