0.5mm – 6806 Series

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Features & Benefits
  • Packaged in tape and reel: 3,000 pieces/reel
  • RoHS compliant product
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat resistance plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C
Typical Applications
  • LCD TVs

The 6806 Series are FPC/FFC connectors for high-speed transmission featuring a pitch of 0.5mm and height of 1.75mm. A convex-shaped actuator shape facilitates opening / closing operations, and a “click” feeling assures locking when the FPC/FFC is mated. The contact point is designed widely in order to obtain high contact reliability with FPC/FFC conductors. In addition to FPCs, these connectors can also be used for impedance-adjustable FFCs. By improving high-frequency characteristics with impedance matching, the connectors allow high-speed transmission which corresponds to next-generation interfaces V-by-One®HS and CalDriCon® adopted in LCD TVs. Despite its low profile height of 1.75mm on the PCB, opening / closing operations are easy due to the convex-shaped actuator. This series provides a secure “click” feeling when locking / unlocking the actuator. Misalignment of the contact position is prevented by combining the connector to a FPC/FFC with tabs, thus strengthening resistance to tensile force and achieving secure connection. Workability is improved because the FPC/FFC is held (tentatively) before full insertion.

V-by-One®HS, CalDriCon®:
An interface for the next-generation high-speed signals developed by THine Electronics, Inc. V-by-One® and CalDriCon is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.

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Part Number Information

6806 Series FPC/FFC Connectors
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