0.8mm – 6268 Series

6268 Series
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Features & Benefits
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C
Typical Applications
  • Notebook PCs
  • Slim type notebook PCs
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras

The 6268 Series are 0.8mm pitch, bottom contact, ZIF, right angle FPC/FFC Connectors with 34 positions. Featuring a profile height of 2.0mm, these products accommodate C/Ag pasted FPCs and are designed with slide locking functions. These series can be widely applied in complex machines such as notebook PCs, slim type notebook PCs, DVCs (Digital Video Cameras), and DSCs (Digital Still Cameras). This series has slide locks which can be easily operated, the contact area is suitably designed for C/Ag pasted FPCs, improving the durability of insertion and separation, and in spite of its multiple positions, the connector requires low force for insertion and separation.

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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

6268 Series FPC/FFC Connectors
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Technical Information
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