Military/Aerospace – ESCC 3009 Space Level MLCC

Features & Benefits
  • Dielectrics: Class I and Class II
  • Voltage Range: 25V to 500V
  • Case Sizes: 0805 to 2225
  • Capacitance values up to 1.5µF
Typical Applications
  • ESCC space programs
  • Suitable for all space applications where reliability is paramount

Surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors qualified to ESA ESCC 3009. Available in case sizes 0805 to 2220 and in COG,X7R and BX dielectrics these capacitors are approved for use in ESCC space programs and suitable for all space applications where reliability is paramount. By using the same manufacturing process AVX is also able to offer a range of capacitors qualified to CECC 32101.

Part Number Information

Part Number Information

ESCC 3009/034 Space Level MLCC
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