Sr. RF Design Engineer

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
Responsible for managing and directing the activities of the ATC and AVX RF Laboratory which includes creating and initiating new products, evaluating and characterizing both internal and competitive devices, providing technical assistance and metrological services to the operations and authorizing technical notes and publications. Also responsible for: technical support of the Sales Department and Application Engineering inquiries; conducting investigations in research, design or scientific fields as related to RF products or processes by applying research techniques and/or engineering principles and procedures in the scientific or professional fields involved; independently conducting investigations related to the improvement of materials or processes or the development of new products by applying scientific techniques and experience.
Reports To:
General Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Develop new products for RF application.
  • Assist customers in selecting the proper ATC product for the application.
  • Customer interface to solve problems and expand market share.
  • Resolve technical issues encountered with ATC products.
  • Technical presentations addressing specific requirements.
  • Provide design assistance to customers.
  • Provide training to Sales group.
  • Develop new markets for ATC/AVX and applications.
  • Perform customer visits to create team approach to solve customer problems and assist during beta site activity.
  • Create technical roadmap that will provide direction for the ATC and AVX operations.
  • Interface with other locations to exchange ideas and information for improvements.
  • Travel as required to interact with personnel to review program status, test results, discuss new problems, opportunities and future direction.
  • Create and maintain a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Design, modify, and test RF components.
  • Design RF application solutions and RF components to service them.
  • Identify process problems and initiate corrective action.
  • Initiate programs to reduce cost and improve process.
  • Work independently or supervisor to improve process.
  • Provide periodic progress reports.
  • Individual establishes own objectives and reviews with supervisor.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering plus 6 years of related RF work experience or
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering plus 3 years of related RF work experience or
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • 10 years of practical experience in RF design and training.
  • Ability to use personal computer programs- Word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, and statistical data.
  • Ability to write clear and concise Engineering reports.
  • Ability to organize and present presentations on multiple programs to upper management.
  • Ability to do cash flow analysis and calculate return on investment and payback period projects.
  • Ability to calculate standard cost for manufacturing.
  • Knowledgeable in SPC procedures.
  • Ability to use statistics:
    • Normal, poison, binominal and chi-square distributions
    • Confidence intervals
    • Significant tests
    • ANOVA
  • Ability to use design of experiments; Full and fractional factorials with multiple factors and levels.
  • Ability to design, model and improve RF components.
  • Ability to design, model, and improve RF circuits.
  • Ability to test RF components based upon familiarity and proficiency with test equipment such as VNA, RF signal generators and oscilloscopes.
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