Senior Member Technical Staff

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
Create new products and/or material sets that advance the offering the company. Work as an individual in a cross-functional team environment to take ideas from concept to manufacturing. Creativity, cross-functional knowledge base, and a high degree of analytic ability are required.
Reports To:
Director, Application Specific Product Development
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Initiate, plan, and correlate all aspects of a product or specialized activity that will lead to the development of new devices.  Understand fundamental economics involved to evaluate costing structures
  • Exercise technical or administrative supervision of a group of engineers and technicians.
  • Understand the critical aspects of a program, and drive the development emphasis to make it successful.
  • Integrate ideas and principles from other fields of engineering or science that relate to all programs.
  • Fundamental understanding of the state of the art current applications of programs.  The ability to communicate these aspects to technical management, as well as the field.
  • Collaborate with manager and peers to create challenging goals.  Contribute to their accomplishments.
Job Requirements:
  • MS or PhD in a STEM major
  • 10-20 years of related experience
  • Broad understanding of all engineering disciplines
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