Senior Member Technical Staff

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
Create new products and/or material sets that advances the offering of the company, Work as an individual in a cross-functional team environment to take ideas from concept, to manufacturing. Creativity, cross-functional knowledge base and a high degree of analytic ability are required.
Reports To:
Director of Application Specific Product Development
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Initiate, plan and correlate all aspects of a product or specialized activity that will lead to the development of new devices.  Understand fundamental economics involved to evaluate costing structures.
  2. Exercise technical or administrative supervision of a group of engineers and technicians.
  3. Understand the critical aspects of a program, and drive the development emphasis to make it successful.
  4. Integrate ideas and principles from other fields of engineering or science that relate to all programs.
  5. Fundamental understanding of the state of the art for current applications of programs.  The ability to communicate these aspects to technical management as well as the field.
  6. Collaborate with manager and peers to create challenging goals.  Contribute to their accomplishments.
Job Requirements:
  1. Formal Education and Training:  BS, MS or PhD in a STEM related major
  2. Background and Experience: 10 to 20 years of related experience
  3. Special Qualifications and Requirements:  Broad understanding of all engineering disciplines.
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