Production Scheduler

Location: Greenville, SC
Job Description:
Manage the fulfillment of customer orders for multiple product lines and coordinate with production the correct priority, schedule, and product requirements of orders. Maximize production output while meeting the customers' delivery requirements. Work with customer service when delays occur to achieve high customer satisfaction by utilizing all available inventory, offering product substitutions, and expediting product as needed. Provide technical support to customer service (test requirements, etc.).
Reports To:
Production Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Schedule production for all primary and secondary equipment according to customer requirements across three shifts.  Schedule appropriate labor resources to meet production schedules.
  • Work with purchasing to ensure materials are available to meet production requirements.
  • Review and book order on float daily and appropriately schedule incoming customer orders.
  • Communicate with Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Production on expedites and new requirements as needed.
  • Review customer forecasts for errors and potential supply problems.  Notify customer service and follow-up on corrective actions.
  • Analyze pull-ins and new orders booked by customer service and other non-planning personnel to ensure deliveries can be met without adversely impacting service on other orders.
  • Identify pull-ins to achieve monthly sales goals.
  • Complete reroute, split, and/or transfer product as needed to maximize customer service, satisfy current/new orders, and utilize AVX inventories including non-values excess stores.
  • Monitor WIP to ensure it is moving as required.  Contact the appropriate production manager to resolve product delays.
  • Utilize AVX internal resale system to satisfy various customer orders.
  • Update or analyze safety stock levels on key parts and advise production planning management of recommended changes.
  • Process and disposition returned material authorizations as needed; restock, scrap, or rework returned material.
  • Cover and support other schedulers as needed.
  • Provide support and direction to customer service in terms of excess stores, materials, finished/unfinished parts and other substitute items to support fulfillment of orders.
Job Requirements:
  • High school diploma is required.  Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Business, Supply Chain, or related field is preferred
  • Minimum 5 years' experience in manufacturing or inventory control is preferred
  • Must be able to use Excel-based queries to assist in performing various job functions
  • Ability to work under pressure and interface well with internal/external customers
  • Strong communication skills - verbal, written, and email etiquette
  • Strong analytical and computer skills
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