Customer Service Account Manager

Location: Greenville, SC, US
Job Description:
Manages and has ultimate responsibility for all activities within assigned accounts. Obtain maximum business while maintaining a high degree of customer confidence. This is to include pricing, delivery, technical information, and order maintenance. May supervise assistants and account coordinators. Provide support and guidance for field sales representatives.
Reports To:
Sr, CS Account Manager
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Work in conjunction with senior account managers and customer service in
performing job related duties.
  • Prepare orders and perform order entry functions which encompasses all functions and Capabilities of the CRT and order processing system, whether manual or EDI.
  • Answer or direct through proper channels all requests received from customers, sales representatives, or distributors for larger tier accounts.
  • Prepare, review and disposition customer returns within specified time period.
  • Prepare quotations with the guidance of product managers, regional managers and sales representatives.
  • Provide leadership and supervision for non-exempt employees.
  • Provide delivery information on new and existing orders offering accurate potential part substitutions.
  • Promote sales of on-hand stock items and advise sales representatives and customers on AVX product for potential application and/or competitor replacement.
  • Review and disposition debit and credit request submitted by customers direct or indirect through AVX Account Department within allotted time.
  • Prepare and participate in customer visits for related accounts as required.
  • Adhere to all attendance requirements.
  • Work with other AVX organizations as necessary to perform all duties.
  • Compile information necessary to provide reports as required by customer and/or management.
Job Requirements:
  • Possess strong communication skills with internal personnel, sales representatives and customer required.
  • Pay close attention to detail.
  • Comprehend all functions and capabilities of the CRT and order processing system.
  • Work overtime as required.
  • Demonstrate assertiveness and drive.
  • Work closely within a large group of individuals maintaining an attitude conducive to a team effort.
  • Demonstrate supervisory skills through leadership in a proactive manner.
  • Enter data at the rate of 30 WPM.
  • Possess advanced vocational skills including problem solving aptitude.
  • Function under pressure in an ever changing environment.
  • Foster good business relations using excellent telephone technique.
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