CRM (Customer Relationship Mgmt) Administrator

Location: Greenville, SC, US
Job Description:
The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Administrator reports to the global Sales Operations Supervisor. This position will be responsible for maintaining the company’s CRM system (Sugar). CRM Administrator duties include, but not limited to: Ensure import data from TM1 and any other business databases into the company’s CRM system is accurate and timely. Support the Sales team by partnering with the IT department or the software company to solve user’s problems. Train the sales, marketing, rep or FAE team on the CRM system system’s use and capabilities. Help identify and assist with system enhancement roadmap. Extract data from CRM system to support worldwide sales and marketing campaigns and effectively meet deadlines. Identify ways to help the entire corporation maximize the use and deliverable value of the CRM system. Ensure Funnel and Activity Report processes are running smoothly in time for board review meetings. Prepare procedural documents to support user’s needs. In addition, the CRM Administrator will assist supervisor of global sales operations with developing new ideas and initiatives with respect to expanding the use of the CRM.
Reports To:
Supervisor, Global Sales Operations
Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Responding to support requests via the support email account
    • Creation of new customer records as requested by the global sales, marketing and FAE teams
    • Coordinate with sales, marketing and other internal teams, as required.
    • Create procedures and techniques to maximize CRM data and minimize time required to enter or update data.
    • Prepare and distribute correspondence on Sugar related matters as needed.
    • Assist, as needed, with analytics and administrative activities, i.e. usage, trends, and activity.
    • Provide consultative support to sales management and users on system capability, functionality and functions, uses of data inputs, and outputs.
    • Documentation of new features and releases in accordance with accepted processes, guidelines and compliance requirements
    • Manage her/his time and work responsibilities effectively to complete all assignments in a timely manner.
    • Establish rapport with sales, marketing and FAE teams and other departments to ensure a sense of team in all assignments and daily operations.           
Job Requirements:
  • 4 year Bachelor's Degree. Preferably a BS Information Technology, Business Administration or similar.
  • Preferably previous experience working with CRM platform (Sugar, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft).
  • Strong business analytical, computer, and organizational skills, particularly in managing/tracking logistics and processing large databases.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work and communicate effectively at all levels within AVX and Customer organization.
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