Manual Machinist

Location: Biddeford, ME
Job Description:
Lays out and plans complex machinist work, and sets up and operates a variety of machine and hand tools to carry through to completion the fabrication of parts and machines, and the subsequent assembly and fitting of dissimilar and moving parts, Reads and interprets blueprints and drawings, inspects machine shop work, and makes templates and necessary jigs, fixtures, and holding devices. •This position includes such duties as, but not limited to: •Determines method and sequence of machine and hand operations selects appropriate speeds, feeds, coolants in accordance with nature of operation and type of metal used; sets up machine tools by positioning, squaring up and attaching jigs, fixtures, chucks, vises, dividing heads, etc. to machine tables, spindles or ways, using indicators as necessary; grinds tools to obtain proper cutting tools to turn, face drill, bore, shape, etc. to required dimensions; measures work periodically using venire, micrometer or spring calipers, height rings, plug or contour gauges to assure conformance to specifications stipulated by blueprint or required by the nature of the next operation.
Reports To:
Duties and Responsibilities:
Makes tools, cutters and gauges according to blueprint specifications, as required, by shaping, heat treating and grinding for proper clearance and fit. Complete respective paperwork and computer entries as necessary. Adhere consistently to safety practices. Adhere continuously to housekeeping standards. Meet or exceed daily output goal.  
Job Requirements:
High school degree and formal or OJT training in machinist field.
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